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    Kids in Love

    Twenty year old Olivia Bee is a self-taught photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s shot assignments for The New York Times and VICE as well as campaigns for Hermès, in which she cast herself as one of the models. She was fifteen years old when she shot her first advertising campaign—for Converse. Her work features her friends, doing what teenagers and young adults do, but in a well-composed, beautiful way. 

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    "Turn off Fox TV" (via)

  3. July 2014 

  4. Neverland: Youth

    June 2014 

  5. Preview of my new series ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’ 

  6. 'Neverland: Youth' series, June 2014 

    Never once did I think

     Never did I close my eyes shut, just for a moment.

     Never had I drawn breath, brushed hands, or lips.

     Never did I feel

     The Sun, its fire on my skin

     The river and its water cold and alive around my body

     Never did I see a something, that to me had no name, forests so tall and old they had memory.

     Never had I dreamed us all out of existence

     Safe from all acts of hurt

     Never did I find someone to help find myself

     Never again did any of us love or remember loving like that again, Through the eyes of innocence, unabridged by red and salty tears of adulthood

     Never again were any of us lost again after we were found, plucked from the sky like stars to become pebbles on the ground.

     Never again could we find that land of gentle youth where for so long, we happily hid


    Piece by Benjamin L. Quinlan



  7. ""My photographs are a celebration of life, fun and the beautiful. They are a world that doesn’t exist. A fantasy. Freedom is real. There are no rules. The life I wish I was living." - Ryan McGinley"
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    Kate Moss by Ryan McGinley 

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    The Congo 


  10. zakmilofsky said: ahh is your url named after the jeff buckley song? so good...

    Zak! Yeah Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Frazer, one of my favourites! 




    Father Ted 

  12. ConDalt, draft 1 

    October 2014 

  13. Neverland: Youth 

    July 2014 

  14. Unamaya 

    Colour project, October 2014 

  15. Ben at 21