1. Alex 

  2. John’s beautiful send off at Drogheda 

  3. I’ll never forget this day. John wanted to go painting at the Clontarf baths, it took us hours to make it out there between him getting paint and busses and stopping at Saoirse’s house. I knew he was an extremely talented graff artist but this was the first time I got the chance to watch him paint something from scratch, and it was mesmerizing. 

    It’s still so strange to think you’re not with us anymore. It was a pleasure and a blessing knowing you John Ryan. You have left your mark on this world, and the art you left behind will be treasured forever.

    Rest in peace, King Crept Forever. x

  4. Robbie 

  5. Lily, Summer 2014 

  6. Lily, Summer 2014 

  7. My gorgeous cousin

  8. One of Sarah’s head shots 

  9. Neverland: Youth Series

  10. Neverland: Youth Series

  11. Chan 

  12. Lily

  13. Becky

  14. Zeitgeist 

  15. That dress looks nice on you